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  • Mikronel Magnetic tape MP200A 20 µm

    Absolut magnetic tape MP200A 20µm per/m

    178,00 excl. VAT €215,38 incl. VAT
  • Linear potentiometer LTP

    Linear potentiometer LTP series 50-750 mm

  • LTR 10 -150 mm

    Linear potentiometer LTR 10-150 mm

  • rotary-encoder-a36

    Incremental Rotary Encoder A36

Digital readout for milling machines, lathes, EDM machines etc.

Rulers, calipers, micrometers dial gauges, etc.

Hardness testers, profile projectors, thickness gauges, ultrasonic meters, etc.

Dealer of various brands, including TESA, iGaging, Precizika, BiGa and Ditron.

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You can contact Trabiss International for digital readoutsmeasuring equipment and measuring tools. With digital readout you can work very accurately with your lathe or milling machine.

Since 2006, we have been supplying digital readouts at home and abroad to both private individuals and professionals, including prototyping and production companies. We also offer customization. Contact Trabiss International about the possibilities.

Our other branch of activity consists of laser engraving, marking and cutting machines. These are widely applicable in machine and equipment construction, industrial production and instrument construction. More information is available here.

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Some of our customers

Fiber lasermachine TI-1390F

Trabiss International Machines

From Trabiss International Machines we supply our own laser machines, air filtration units (from TBH GmbH), cnc machines and accessories.

With a focus on safety and high quality, we develop and supply various machines for industry and production companies.

Are you looking for laser engraving machines, laser cutting machines, air filtration units or cnc machines? Then visit our machine website.