Our products

Rulers, calipers, micrometers dial gauges, etc.

Hardness testers, profile projectors, thickness gauges, ultrasonic meters, etc.

Digital readout for milling machines, lathes, EDM machines etc.

Brands like BiGa, Delos, Ditron, iGaging, Jenix, Mikronel, Precizika and Tesa

Trabiss International

Since its humble beginnings in 2006, Trabiss International has grown from a small webshop with a limited product range into a major supplier with customers all over the world. Every day customers from both the private and commercial sectors, including prototyping companies and many large and small manufacturers, discover our extensive range of products or approach us for custom-made goods. Together with our trusted suppliers, we provide our customers with sound advice and superb service on a daily basis both here at home and abroad.

More about us

  • Quick response
  • Professional assistance and advice
  • Solution-oriented
  • Worldwide delivery
  • International network
  • For hobbyist and professional

Trabiss Machines

Searching for laser machines, air filtration units, cnc machines or accessories?

With the focus on safe, affordable and high quality, Trabiss International develops and supplies  machines such as laser machines, air filtration units and CNC machines.