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At Trabiss International you can come since 2006 for your digital readouts, measuring equipment en measuring tools.

Measuring Tools, Equipment and Digital Readouts

In our webshop you will find a large assortment of measuring tools from TESA Technology and iGaging, among others. From centering devices to height gauges and from spirit levels to inside micrometers; Trabiss has it!

In addition, we are the address for Digital Readouts for turning and milling machines. We offer a wide range of Digital Readouts.

  • Are you looking for a readout with two or three axes?
  • Do you want to be able to retrieve the last saved position of the coordinates?
  • Do you want to be able to adjust the direction of the rulers?

In our webshop you will find the various sets of, among others, the A-brands Fenac and Precizika Metrology  including their characteristics and capabilities.

You can also find measuring equipment in our webshop. Accurate measurements are essential for good results. Therefore you will find a wide variety of measuring equipment, such as (digital and analog) dial indicators and digital calipers.

In addition, we offer the sliding gauge holder of Calipon®: the Dutch brand that developed the holder especially for users of calipers. Click here for all our measuring equipment.

Trabiss International is the official dealer of the brands you find on our site. Therefore we can deliver all products of these brands. In addition, we offer customized solutions.

Did you not find what you are looking for in our webshop?
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Sharp price-quality policy

Behind Trabiss International is a passion for technology. We are happy to share this passion with our Dutch and International customers. With a sharp price-quality policy, we strive to keep the threshold to quality as low as possible.

Moreover, we are also happy to share our knowledge and experience: at Trabiss International, you are assured of a high level of service. Would you like to know more? Then contact us or have a look at our Client Reviews.

Trabiss Machines

From Trabiss International Machines we supply our own laser machines, air filtration units (from TBH GmbH), CNC machines and accessories.

With a focus on safety and high quality, we develop and supply various machines for industry and manufacturing companies.

Are you looking for laser engraving machines, laser cutting machines, air filtration units or CNC machines? Then visit our machine website or contact us at 0223 52 3490.

Therefore Trabiss International

  • Fast response
  • Solution-oriented
  • Worldwide delivery
  • International Network


First Contact: Well advised and pleasantly talked to by Peter open to questions figure 9
The offer: neatly arranged and immediately sent for approval digit 9
The delivery: the special wishes for the delivery were exactly as agreed.
The delivery: well protected, the set is really complete, bolts, shims, ground wire, cable brackets, rings and a very small minus point no strings to fix the cables.

Overall assessment: The set looks very good, really recommendable figure 9. An example for many suppliers.

Very satisfied with the DRO.
Minor downsides:
* no Dutch manual for explanation and description of the functions.
* The supplied supports were not remotely usable.

Easy to operate and to assemble and to set up with telephone support.
See also this review on Youtube from minute 30:

I ordered a digital readout with 2 rulers from this company and received in good order quickly,I mounted it on a lathe emco maximat super 11 and am very satisfied with the product.
The price is also good. Nowhere cheaper to get.
Only disadvantage is the description in the booklet is in English if that can now be converted into Dutch then there is no better supplier.

I am very satisfied with the readout, more than enough functions, I found the way I was helped by phone and mail very neat, the next will be for me also a readout for the milling machine,

John Wolfs

Excellent delivery neatly unbreakable packed. Customer friendly support and technically good advice.
Product works well. English manual.

Very satisfied with the communication and the delivered items. Especially the way you are helped and supported appeals to me a lot. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a DRO for their machine.
The DRO has numerous functions which make running a lot more comfortable.

Very nice set and fairly universal to apply on any lathe. Keep in mind that the standard brackets do not always fit on every lathe, disposition of a milling machine is so useful!

The readout works perfectly and makes turning a lot more pleasant!

I bought the D60-3V 3 axes DRO with the DC-11 1um and DC11F 1um glass scales for my lathe and am very satisfied with it, it really works perfectly. The price/quality ratio is excellent. The service is also excellent.

The D60-2v is a beautiful product, well finished, very extensive and works perfectly.
Very easy to install and set up (English language is required).
The telephonic info is perfect.
And the most important thing is that it is affordable, even for the small budget.
There will be fixed companies from the environment on your site snooping around, I am told by employer, s.
Assessment 100% GOOD.

I am very satisfied with my digital readout set it came nicely packaged and very complete.
The communication with Trabiss I can only say super.
And then the price I find very reasonable for what you get so for me I would give six stars if I could.

Trabiss International shares

Trabiss International supports the Dutch foundation
Voedselbank Kop van Noord with a yearly financial donation.

During the period 2013-2015, we supported the Care for Brazil foundation. For more information, visit the website