New dealership with iGaging

We are proud and delighted to announce our dealership with iGaging USA.

iGaging from San Clemente California ( makes and develops multiple measuring tools like digital callipers, micrometers, height gauges, led lighting and magnifiers (with UV), and microscopes for example to check smd and electronic pcb.

Because of their innovative character en de production of high quality products, this dealership will be a great addition to our product range.
The measuring tools like the digital callipers, height gauges, micrometers and digital dial indicators have data output possibilities. This can be with an output port (USB) or wireless. The measured values can be send to the computer, smartphone or tablet instantly for measuring reports, calibration results but also to use it for reversed engineering. The values can be send to for example 3D drawing software like Inventor or Solidworks, what makes the measuring tools very user friendly and it saves time.

Underneath we will show a few videos that have been made by a few active customers (we thank the customers for reviewing the products):




D50 new simple digital readout display LCD

D50 new simple digital readout display LCD from Ditron.


This D50 new simple digital readout display provides a very clear LCD display with 2 or 3 axes, only the most general functions and is perfectly suitable for the small machines and users who do not need all the additional functions. For the lathes there is the diameter/radius function and in the 3 axes there is the possibility to sum the 2 Z axes. The price is absolutely fantastic! For the 2 axes the price is only € 140,96 (excl. VAT) and for the 3 axes only € 148,56 (excl. VAT).


D50-3V D50-2V LCD


New website

With pride we present to you our new website. It took longer than we expected but we hope that you will be as enthausiastic as we are!


We separated the measuring equipment from the machines and created their own websites. A new fresh look and some improvements made as well.


Want to let us what you think about it? Please place it on facebook (

New products, new website

The last months we add a few great dealerships. From July we became dealer for 77 lubricants and are we able to deliver oil, grease and hand cleaner. Coolant and cutting oil will have to wait as it is under development at this moment. We will add the new products soon on our (new) website.
You probably already saw it: a new website.Due to the growth of our product range we would like to make our website more user friendly, more clear and distinctive in machines sales and supply of measuring equipment. Behind the screens we work hard to finish the websites, It will take some time so if you have questions regarding products that you can not find on our website than please mail or call us.

We are also proud to announce our new dealership for Syil cnc machines. Syil for years make high quality cnc machines. We can supply the cnc milling and cnc lathes. Syil distinguishes herself by using high quality components, high quality steel (comparable with Taiwanese, Japanese quality), enormous choice of cnc machine types, ATC and the flexibility in cnc controller choice like for example Siemens, Fanuc and Adtech.


Digital readouts with LCD display added

As promised in our message on Facebook from the 30th of December last year, we added the digital readouts with LCD display from Ditron and Mikronel to our website and webshop. Working with an LCD display increase the work pleasure as all functions are displayed visually as well.



Dutch manual for Ditron digital readout

Due to many requests we translated the manual for Ditron digital readout into Dutch.
Today we finished the translation and after another critical view we will publish the 1th version.

At this moment we can deliver Mikronel and Ditron with an Dutch manual.
Delos digital readout will follow later but we expect that this will be around the 3th quarter.

Delays possible due to Spring Festival

Do you have special wishes (products that we do not have in stock) for products from the companies: Ditron, Delos and / or BiGa than there is a possibility that you order will be delivered with an longer lead time than you are used from us. This has to do with the Spring Festival (Chinese New year). Companies and factories will close their doors from the 4th until the 13th of February. Products from Mikronel and products in stock are deliverable within 7 workdays. If you have questions please let us know.

10 year anniversary Trabiss International

1-1-2006 is the official start date from Trabiss International. Trabiss is founded by P. Zijlstra and M. Bisschop (the name Trabiss is a combination of ZijlsTRA and BISSchop). The 10 years past quickly and left many beautiful memories. We would like to thank all our customers and suppliers who are the most important reason for our 10 years anniversary. For us it feels like we are just started and many plans are ready to be launched. We are eager looking forward to the next 10 years.

Trabiss International