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On this page you will find the FAQ (frequently asked questions) of Trabiss International. Do you have a question and is it not yet in the FAQ? Please contact  us, we are happy to answer all your questions.

Resolution is the minimum displacement that the linear encoder (glass ruler) can observe and report. 5 µm resolution means that the linear encoder registers every 0.005 mm of displacement.
Accuracy means the difference between the actual distance traveled compared to the measured distance traveled. Due to various causes, there will always be a (small) deviation to observe. This happens with all linear encoders including Newall, Fagor, Mitutoyo, Novotel, Sony or Heidenhain rulers. The smaller the deviation the better the accuracy. All rulers are calibrated in the factory before shipment. In addition, you can also compensate for deviations in the digital readout, called Linear error compensation.

Most likely you will. Of course, there are highly obsolete type of digital readouts and linear encoders that we do not have information or documentation of but normally we can provide a suitable solution for you.

No, it is probably not broken. Before a digital readout can be used, you must first enter the correct parameters. In the parameter setup you can enter the proper resolution of your scales, linear error correction, shrinkage compensation, etc. Refer to your manual supplied with your digital readout for setting up your readout.

Yes. We can repair or provide replacement parts for most digital readouts.

Yes. Our strength is precisely thinking along with the customer. We supply many special solutions. You can think of special machines, readouts at high temperatures, very compact, etc. We supply worldwide to renowned companies, universities, research institutes, academic hospitals, machine factories etc.

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