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Trabiss International FAQ

What is the difference in resolution and accuracy?

Resolution is the minimum increment the scale is capable to register, or reporting. 5 µm resolution means the scale will register every 0.005 mm of movement.
Accuracy means the difference between the exact distance and the measured distance. Due to many reasons a small deviation can occur. This happens with all scales including the Newall, Fagor, Mitutoyo , Sony or Heidenhain scales. The smaller the deviation the better the accuracy is. All scales will be calibrated in the factory before shipping. In the digital readout you can also calibrate deviation in the linear error compensation settings.

I am searching for an replacement of my (old) Digital readout display. Can you deliver a Digital readout display that fit on my existing linear encoders?

Probably yes. Off course there are very old displays and linear encoders that we do not have information about but normally we can replace your linear encoders or display without any problem.

I bought a digital readout set but the real movement on my lathe/milling machine is different than shown on the digital readout display. Is it broken?

No, it is not broken. Before an digital readout can be used, you first need to enter the correct parameters. In the parameter setup you can enter the correct resolution of your scales, linear error compensation, shrinkage compensation, etc. Please refer to your manual delivered with the digital readout set.

Do you have an repair service?

Yes. We can repair the most digital readout ssytems or deliver replacement parts.

Can you deliver custom made digital readout systems and / or special solutions?

Yes, we can. Our strength is to think with the customer. Special solutions are delivered often. For example: special machines, digital readouts used in higher temperature environment, compact readout systems, etc. We deliver around worldwide to renomated companies like Universities, R&D compaies and Instututes, Academic Hosipitals, Machinefactories, etc.

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